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Chelsea Reno, SIE alum, University of Albany cheerleader

Why choose SIE? 

 When I was younger my mom signed me up for cheerleading with the Staten Island Elite all-stars program. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I probably wasn't that good at first. I will say this, looking back 14 years later as an SIE alumni, I don't think the coaches and members could have made me feel any more at home. I am proud of who I have become because of joining the SIE family and I am lucky enough to still be flipping around! I will always miss the good old days of wearing the red black and white colors and of being a part of something that was greater than just winning or losing competitions. I cherish all of my moments at practices and growing along side my teammates and being able to be each other's support systems. While growing up, if school was hard or my chores at home were becoming annoying I could always rely on practices to give me a good work out and build my self-confidence. So why choose SIE? You should choose SIE because although all programs will say it, we truly are a second family to all of our athletes. The primary goal is not to win first place at every competition but to facilitate learning and growth. Sure all of the first place wins were amazing, but all the competitions become a blur after a while. What really sticks out to me were the moments when we made our coaches and teammates proud or I learned a new skill that I never thought I could do. The older girls left such an impact on me when I was little that I always wanted to strive to better myself. Recently I read a statement from one of the not so little anymore girls from when I was an "older girl" in the program. She called me her idol and left me in tears. Knowing that I made an impact like the older girls did for me makes me confident that this program will continue to grow and be influential. 

Alyssa D'Elia, SIE Alum, Wagner College cheerleader

Staten Island Elite isn’t just a cheerleader program, but is a true definition of a family. When I first joined SIE, it was only my third year cheering, and I had so much more to learn. The staff and coaches truly make you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and will always encourage you to be the best that you can possibly be. I joined Elite not knowing anyone, and left having a group of girls, and guys that I could call my family. Being on SIE gave me the courage and experience to go on to cheer at Wagner College, where I have been for three years, and currently am the captain. To this day, I still miss getting on the competition mat with my SIE team, because any girl or guy can be a cheerleader, but only the Elite can be Gems.

Casey Ford SIE Alum, University of Tampa Cheerleader

The question of "why would I recommend Staten Island Elite Cheerleading" has so many possible and endless answers. I can't think of just one reason why I joined this cheerleading program where I have spent my past 7 years. If I could think of just one aspect that would sum up my experience at SIE, it would be family. Staten Island Elite has gone from a place I'd go to practice Monday's, Wednesday's, and Sunday's to a second place I'd call home. The staff is very nice and always eager to help. The girls are always so sweet and friendly. The whole ambiance in the gym at SIE makes you feel at home. Being a cheerleader at SIE also has taught me many lessons and has definately shaped me into the person I am today. I can say that I'm definitely a more mature, dedicated, and ambitious person and all of these attributes were the help of the staff, family, and cheerleaders at SIE.   I wouldn't still be cheering today at the University of Tampa and have complete love for the sport without growing up with this program. I would recommend Staten Island Elite because not only was I a part of the program but the program also became a part of me. 

Alexandria Colamaria, current 12th grade Diamond team member

 Staten Island Elite has been my home away from home for the past 6 years.  Everyone in the program has become my family, the parents, the coaches, and especially my teammates. We are a family that excepts everyone no matter the skill set, age, size and gender. I have made so many great memories being a part of this program and have built friendships that will last a life time. Cheerleading has been my entire world for the past 8 years which is half of my life. I have cheered on my high school team as well as been involved in various other sports/ teams and I have never experienced one as great as SIE.  I came to the gym as a little girl who knew she loved cheer and that's all she wanted to do. Now, as a senior, I will soon be leaving the gym but I will take away everything I have learned here. I not only learned cheer skills but I learned how to work well with others and step in to help my teammates. I've learned to follow directions but most importantly I've learned to be myself. In the past 6 years, I have become a more confident, outgoing and driven version of that little girl who stepped into the gym years ago.  I am so grateful for everything SIE has done for me and to have had this a part of my life for so long.  Joining Staten Island Elite was the best decision of my life and I will forever cherish every moment spent being a part of this program.  This one paragraph cannot fit years of fun, hard work and dedication, but I know that anyone who joins this program will love it just as much as I do.

Laura Cossack, 9 year old team member

"I choose SIE because it is a competitive organization. Also, it is an advanced group that helps me learn very quickly.
When I came to SIE, I could barely do stunts or tumbling. Now, I can do both easily.
All of the coaches are nice if a cheerleader is well-behaved. All teammates are always friendly and very supportive of one another.
I love SIE and am very glad that I chose it."

Alyssa Angelone, SIE Alum, Commuter Staff member

Why Choose SIE?

Cheerleading has always been my favorite sport. But I didn't fall in love with it until I joined SIE when I was in seventh grade. I was a cheerleader for 5 seasons and I have been a coach for the past 5 seasons. I have made countless memories throughout all these years. I have met so many amazing people from being apart of this program. Staten Island Elite will always hold a special place in my heart and I am so glad I chose to join this team in 2006.

Mary Beth Quick, Parent at Staten Island Elite Since 2005

We chose Staten Island Elite when our daughter Jillian was five years old.  She didn't seem to enjoy dance, so we decided to give cheer a try.  Fast forward eleven years and I cannot tell you enough great things about SIE.  First and foremost, we are a family.  Our children grow up together and form life long friendships.  Parents also create amazing friendships as we travel from arena to arena, cheer our girls on in the stands and share hilarious times in restaurants and hotels.  There is no feeling in the world as exciting as watching your child and their team perform and compete in a cheer leading competition.  My daughter has changed so much throughout her years in Staten Island Elite.  She has matured into a respectful young lady with amazing athletic ability that has truly exceeded our expectations.  The director Liz and the coaches at SIE are dedicated to nurturing your child and ensuring that their athletic and emotional well beings are a priority.  I am so pleased with our experience at Staten Island Elite and dread the thought of our daughter moving on once she graduates high school.

Denice Tesoriero, 14 year SIE Parent

We have been part of the Staten Island Elite Cheer family for 14 years now. Both my daughters joined the team as young beginners, and with the help and coaching of an outstanding staff they were able to achieve many skills and goals in this sport- but what truly makes SIE unique is their philosophy of coaching each girl to continuously strive to reach their full potential and the true meaning of being part of a team. This way when they come off the competition mat, regardless of the results, they are true winners because they know they gave it their all. I will always be grateful for all the lessons that my girls have learned and the life long friendships that we have made through Elite.

Billy Esposito, SIE Parent

I have been with the SIE family for 10 plus years and if I had more children or grandchildren I would do it for another 10! I said family because that's just what it is.....family! It's a wonderful program for the whole family especially the kids. Keeps them busy, active, and off the street and the couch. It teaches them respect, discipline, teamwork and the girls love it! Can't say enough about the program or the people who run it!

Tracey Ursini, SIE mom of Senior

My daughter started cheerleading when she was just 4. At that time, I had no idea what a huge part of our life that SIE would become. I figured it would be just one of those things that kids want to try until they move on to the next thing, but now it is 13 years later and that never happened. 
When she started out it was all about the fun. The staff was warm and friendly and made sure my shy daughter and all the children felt comfortable and at home.  
The lessons Victoria learned over the years made her into the amazing young woman she is today.  By the age of 5 SIE had taught her what it meant to be part of a team, all working together for a common goal. How each one of them depends on the other and everyone is an asset.  They taught her commitment.  I would think for a young girl she wouldn’t want to miss a party because she had practice. And yet time after time she choose practice because she understood that she made a commitment to the team and she would never want to let them down, because she knew how much they all cared for her.  Through the years, the lessons learned are countless and the experiences are priceless. SIE taught her that sometimes you put your all into something and its just not enough, and that is okay because you did the best you could and that is what its all about.   SIE is committed to making sure the girls know that whether they win or loose, it is as a team.  Everyone makes mistakes sometimes; the important thing is that you learn from them. No one is ever blamed for a fall or a drop. Mistakes happen and it’s okay.  They all celebrate each others victories, as well as all feel pain for each other when something doesn’t go right.  The coaches make sure that everyone knows that no one is the super star of the team, and that everyone is equally as important.
There is nothing better than watching the team before they go on the mat to compete; the girls go into their prayer circle and pray that all the hard work and commitment they put in will pay off.  Or when they come off that mat and know they nailed it! And after,  going into a huddle to talk about how they did and what could have gone better.  Most of all is that whether they win or lose it's okay because its all about the lesson you learn along the way.  
I have learned that the “Cheerleader” stereotype couldn’t be more wrong at SIE.  It's not all makeup and curls.  The work and dedication that goes behind that 2 minute and 30 second routine is inspiring. The staff and coaches at SIE work their asses off to create true athletes and confident woman. They are some of the smartest, most caring, and most thoughtful  people I know.  Over the years the Staten Island Elite family has become part of our family and I couldn't be prouder.

Jennifer Zahtila, SIE parent of Alexa & Ava

We have been part of the GEMS family for 5 seasons.  Throughout these years, I have watched my girls’ confidence grow along with their cheerleading skills.  The SIE program has helped my girls become poised, strong and fearless young ladies.  These are traits they can take out of the gym and into the world.  

Jodina Clanton, past & present SIE mom

SIE is an awesome cheerleading organization that is truly a gem on Staten Island. It's more than just cheerleading.  Friendships are made that last a lifetime.

My daughter cheered here as a young girl left and returned as a teenager. She has been taught how to be a team player and to go out and give it 110% every time on the mat.

I am proud to be a SIE mom!

Annette Hernandez, current SIE mom of 2

I am very proud of both my daughters and also thankful they have been given the chance to push themselves and learn what they are  capable of. Thank you for giving them the guidance and support to stand on that stage with the rest of their teammates and feel like stars.SIE takes pride in their girls and how they present themselves at competitions which is main reason my daughters are there. I am so proud to be part of SIE family.

Rosanna Fox, current SIE Parent

The girls and coaches are the heart and sole of SIE.  A real family.  Coaches treat every cheerleader as an individual, cultivating and nurturing her own strengths and talents.  And cheerleaders come together as part of the team and make magic.  ❤️

Jessica Hitchen, SIE parent since 2011

When my daughter first expressed interest in cheering with SIE, I didn't know what to expect. I was picturing one extreme or the other -- a cut-throat, individually competitive environment or a group that was more about looks than athleticism. One visit to practice and I learned how wrong I was. Being part of SIE means learning how to grow consistently as a team in an athletically demanding sport. The coaches and older team members create an environment that encourages everyone to support their teammates while pushing themselves to new milestones in the interest of team and personal pride. As she enters her fifth season, I can't be more proud of the confidence and determination my daughter has gained as a Gem. Thank you Liz and staff!

Desiree Diaz, SIE mom of 2

The 2016 - 2017 year will be my 10 year olds second season with SI Elite and my 8 year olds first.  The growth that my older daughter has had in her physical strength, co-ordination, balance, and tumbling skills has made both her and I proud.  But she has learned so much more than the physical skills.  Staten Island Elite has a strong family feel.  The older teams take an interest in the younger ones.  You can easily see that Liz strongly encourages this sisterhood.  They not only cheer eachother on during competitions but even off the competition floor we would run into older girls stopping to tell the young rubies how great they performed.  They have been a great example to my daughter.  Without any word or direction from anyone my daughter would congratulate rival cheerleaders in parking lots or bathrooms of competitions.  The sportsmanship that she shows is not something she knew prior to being at elite.  Lastly I would like to say that I feel the coaches at SIE take a strong interest in the cheerleaders and it is comforting to a full time working mom like myself that my daughters are in that gym after school with these caring eyes on them.  Able to detect changes in them, able to teach them so much more than amazing stunts.

Kathleen Laperuta, current SIE mom

My daughter joined the SIE family when she was 4 years old, the skills she learned in one year blew me away but it is not just the skills. They learn to work as a team and build trust amongst each other. They all know that one position is not better then the other. Gianna is now 9 and we have a 2nd family. The coaches love our children and push them to their potential and beyond! Which is a huge confidence builder. It amazes me that at such a young age the dedication and love she has for her team that is all because of the love she gets back from Liz and her SIE staff.

Samantha Carrier, SIE mom

I choose Staten Island Elite Cheer for my daughter because everyone was so welcoming. Being a part of SIE is special in so many ways. The kids get individualized attention and everyone is like one big cheer family. The younger girls look up to the senior teams and are always cheered on and supported by them. Liz always looks out for all of her cheer kids and parents.  She has so many fun things planned throughout the year to keep the teams connected and to help everyone work as a whole.  The coaches have all cheered for SIE and dedicate a lot of their time and skills to the program.  Their hard work and dedication pays off when you see the children's faces light up on the mat.  Thank you SIE for another great cheer season!

Dawn Lonczynski, SIE mom, team photographer

My daughter Julianne has been cheering for SIE for 6 years and that's because we feel like a family from the team, to the coaches, and with the other parents. It's not just about competing and calling it a day. It's the bonding and the friendships with families that you build with each other in and outside the gym that gives you one of the important values in life that I want my daughter to always have.  

Alyssa Meeker, SIE Alum, All Star Cheer Coach Buffalo, NY

The cheerleading program at Staten Island Elite is the most amazing team I have ever been blessed to be a part of! The coaching staff and team members are more like a family than just a team. The memories I have with this program are some that I will cherish forever. This program has given me friends and family for life and has absolutely shaped me into the hard working and determined woman I am today. I miss this program and these people more and more every day. Any child would be lucky to be a part of this program just as I was 15 years ago .

Aggie Catalano, SIE Alum Parent

As a parent, we try and make the right decision for our children. There are a few cheer teams on Staten Island, but none as devoted and persistent as the Staten Island Elite coaches. Many times my daughter came home hysterical crying and I wanted her to quit. But she never gave up. 11 years have past and I don't regret my decision. Being part of the Staten Island Elite Cheerleading program has been worth every sacrifice, every fight, to watch my daughter grow into a accomplished athlete. We have both made life long friendships.

Thank you to Liz & the SIE Coaching, past & present, for the memories!  Once a Gem, Always a Gem!

Alexandra Simons, returning SIE parent

 Going to Staten Island Elite is the step up in cheer.

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