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04/30/2016 - 2015 - 2016 Favorite Memories

Brianna B: The person who is my inspiration is my sister Kayla. She is my inspiration because she works so hard and pushes herself till she does things right. She tries her best to focus and pay attention so she can move on to the harder things. My favorite part of cheerleading is stunting because the team has to work together to complete a stunt and when it hits we are all happy and feel good about it. We all have a job to do in a stunt.


Kayla B: My favorite part of cheerleading is tumbling and stunting. Tumbling is my favorite part because I like to push myself to get better. I also like to flip around the floor doing handstands, backhand springs, tucks, etc  Stunting is my favorite also because the stunt has to work together to stay up. Even though I fall from my stunts sometimes, I know the entire group pushes even harder the next time to do better than the first time.


Ashley C: My cheerleading inspiration is Ms.Alexx because she motivates me and tells me not to be scared! My spirit animal would be Arianna (on Rubies) because she says I COULD DO IT! She always tells me when I do a good job.


Sonya D: One of my favorite memories of the 2015-2016 year was the cheer holiday party. I enjoyed the memory because it was a time when I had a moment to talk to me friends, give gifts and play games with my cheer "family". My funniest SIE memory of this year was when my team acted as bowling balls and bowling pins at the party.


Amanda D: My favorite memories are always working as a team and making sure we did the best we could at competitions.  Also, getting my back hand spring this year!  My funniest memories are all of the SIE parties we have like Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, the Holiday Party or the best this year, the 20th anniversary party.


Kayla H: One of my favorite memories of the 2015 - 2016 year was the 20th anniversary party. It was awesome, seeing all the years in the room was awesome! I pick Brianna Buckley to be my spirit animal as a rhino because she always runs into me like I'm a tree. I look up to Amber because she has amazing tumbling & is a really strong back spot.


Madison M: My favorite memory of this cheer year was learning my backhand spring.  My favorite part of cheerleading is basket tosses because we work together to make the flyer go high as possible.


Madison H-My favorite part of cheer is the single leg stunt because I get to work with my best friends & fight to keep the stunt up. My funniest memory of this season was when the girls were working backhandsprings on the cheese, Ava was moving to where girls were landing & Alex yelled "Ava, death trap".


Hailey K: My funniest memory was I was trying to talk to people at cheer when I lost my voice & no one was able to understand me. My favorite part of the routine is the dance because everyone feels so happy & we really pull out at the end because we know that we did really good & everyone is tired & put on a show.


Gianna L: My favorite memory is the party. My favorite part of cheerleading is my tumbling passes because I have 2 of them & it makes me feel pretty awesome. I would choose Kayla as my spirit animal as a donkey because she's really crazy. Syd inspires me most because she helps me with flying & makes a good messy bun.


Ivette L- My favorite memory is when I first did my teddy bear because it's a lot of fun & I wasn't scared. My favorite part of cheerleading is stunting. We all have to work together to make it work. I love flying & getting everyone to cheer for us. My inspirations are Cassidy & Marissa. They are my coaches & I look up to them.


Julianne L: My funniest SIE memory was when we were practicing punch fronts on the mats and I wasn't looking were I was going I fell face first on the mat, & I kinda of just was laying there while me & my teammates laughed. Chelsea Reno is my cheerleading inspiration because she is such an amazing jumper, tumbler, backspotter, dancer, & more. I remember I would always watch her and wanted to be like her.


Olivia L: One of my favorite memories was Columbus Day Weekend. During the clinic, we were in the gym for many hours learning our routine. That weekend is when Amethyst learned about each other & grew closer as a team. My spirit animal would be Kayla as a Kangaroo because she`s always bouncing around.


Isabella T:  My cheer inspiration is my sister Brianna. She pushes herself to do her best & I'd like to do the same. I would chose my spirt animal to be Julianne as a parrot, because she is very funny & outgoing. My favorite part of cheer is when the whole routine is together. This is because each has their own part & when you put it together everyone shines in their own way.


Ava: My favorite memory: scavenger hunt, My favorite part of cheerleading: I like the pyramid b/c I like how the girls put me up in the air.  Cheerleading inspiration: I want to be like Kayla Helfer because she is such a great tumbler.


Zanecia: My favorite memory is when I got my backhand spring on the mat. My favorite part of cheerleading is the family aspect we build with each other. How we encourage each other to achieve our goals.  If I had to choose one team mate to be my spirit animal it would be Ari because she motivates everyone on the team to try harder and accomplish their goals.


Payton R: The funniest SIE memory was watching the videos of SIE moms stunting for the scavenger hunt. My cheer inspiration is Sydney.  Sydney is very skillful & I like how focused she is during the routine & with her stunts.  My favorite memory was the scavenger hunt in National Harbor. Even though the SIE members broke up into different teams when it came down to teams missing certain objects, hints or videos we all helped each other with whatever they were missing. 


Ari R: My favorite part of cheer is tumbling. Watching each other finally get skills we have been working on is so cool. The joy it brings each of us is great. My funniest memory of the year is the scavenger hunt. I loved running around National Harbor with My mom, my aunt, Ashly, Ashley's mom, Payton & her mom. The funniest part was lying on the floor in the Gaylord. My spirt animal is Ava. She is so young & is already an amazing teammate. She always makes the whole team smile.


Victoria U: I love everything about competing. Regardless of the placement the team gets its just so much fun to perform the routine. My favorite part of cheerleading are the 360's- because it is the stunt that posed the most challenge to the team, but we worked to overcome it. My funniest SIE memory from this year is when I accidentally competed with my competition shorts on backwards in Upper Marlboro and didn't even realize until Hailey pointed it out as we were about to walk onto the competition mat.


Alexa: My favorite memory of this cheer season is the scavenger hunt in National Harbor. My favorite part of cheerleading is that even if we don't win first place it doesn't matter because its fun to do the routine.   My funniest memory is when Dan did a cartwheel during the scavenger hunt.


Emily M: My favorite memory was being the center of the pyramid because it was my first time. I felt happy & proud. The funniest memory was watching the diamonds bowling. Sydney is my inspiration because she helps stretch me & she is a great flyer.


Alexcia M:  My favorite memory was Amethyst 1st competition because we all went out there determined to hit everything & give it our all. That is exactly what we did, once the music finished I never felt so proud of my TEAM.  My cheer inspiration is Olivia. She motivates me during the routine. She knows the look in my eyes when Im nervous & she will tell me something to make me smile.


 Xiomara M: I love to watch Sydney fly & it inspires her to be better & want to one day fly just like her. She told her mom I was so happy because Sydney told her she did a great job on having her feet pointed & her leg straight that makes her so proud to be a flier. Her favorite memory is all the friends she made, the party & the scavenger hunt.


Julianna M: I don't have 1 favorite part of the season.  I love it all. Stunting is my favorite part of cheer.  It's fun and when we get it perfect, it's awesome.  One of the funnier parts was the scavenger hunt.  Amber from Diamonds inspires me with her layout.  It looks scary but it's so amazing.  It's something I hope to do one day.


Sierra: My favorite part of cheer is the dance. The dance is my favorite because we all get so excited and we work it and also because we dance as a group & when it all comes together we look amazing   The funniest moment this season to me was when we were in national harbor doing the scavenger hunt because there was a bunch of things we could find and we were running around like crazy people laughing.


Emily O: I love tumbling the most. It's really exciting when we are all tumbling on the mat during a competition. My funniest memory is when the Diamonds were bowling using their bodies.  Kayla B is always so sweet. She reminds me of a lovable puppy.


Olivia P:  My favorite part was the party. Spending the day with my cheer family, taking lots of photo booth pictures & dancing.  My sister Sierra is my cheer inspiration.  She motivates me to be confident & brave and try my hardest to do the best I can.  My favorite part of cheer is running out on to the mat with all my team & my ending pose with Julianne.